About us

Diplomacy.Live is a research hub committed to data-driven thinking on and study of advocacy and analysis in the digital diplomacy sphere.

We have been analyzing, assessing, ranking and rating digital trends & assets used by global digital diplomacy actors and organizations since 2009.

We specialize in developing real-time and live models of digital engagement.
Diplomacy.Live believes that emerging technology trends of the 21st Century will shape the future of diplomacy.

In order to better understand and adapt to this ongoing transformation, we create innovative global digital diplomacy products and services at all levels. .
#SODD16 is a result of this endless effort.

What is #SODD16?

2016 saw continued growth, innovation, partnerships and progress for digital diplomacy.

In order to capture, parse and understand this ubiquitous change, The State of Digital Diplomacy 2016 #SODD16 aims to serve as a comprehensive year in review, rather than simply being an exclusive ranking of best practices. Our team has instead created an inclusive selection of and an index-style playbook for digital diplomacy.

Instead of singling out only early-adopters, leaders and predictable pioneers in the field, our ultimate goal is to energize and encourage enthusiasm for everyone, in the end resulting in more effective digital engagement everywhere.

It is our ambition to contribute to the establishment of a more connected international world order with higher civic engagement.

#SODD is part of our overall effort towards more openly accessible resources for all, including, but not limited to diplomats, public servants, leaders, ministers, journalists, academics, NGOs, innovators, entrepreneurs.


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