Best Professional Group Event


Best Event Poster of the Year

Geneva Internet Platform

Best International Event of the Year

NATO Public Diplomacy Forum

Best MFA Event of the Year

1st Digital Diplomacy Conference

Best Internet Forum of the Year

Stockholm Internet Forum

Best Developer Conference of the Year

Facebook F8 Conference

Best Workshop of the Year #1

Connecting Local to Global (CL2G)

Best Workshop of the Year #2

Sesparlu Kemlu and CSIS

Best Meeting of the Year

Trump Met Tech Leaders

Best Digital Diplomacy Conference of the Year #1

1st International Digital Diplomacy Conference – Israel

Best Digital Diplomacy Conference of the Year #2

Global Diplomacy in the Digital Age

Best Meetup of the Year

Digital Diplomacy New York Meetup

Best Digital Diplomacy Measurement Event of the Year

Measuring Up: Public Diplomacy & Advocacy 2.0 for Effective Results

Best Townhall Q&A of the Year

Mark Zuckerberg in Rome, Lagos and Delhi

Best Digital Diplomacy Forum of the Year

3rd NATO Experts Forum: Social Media for International Organizations in Brussels

Best Digital Diplomacy Visit of the Year

Narendra Modi Meets Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ

Best Digital Government Summit of the Year

World Government Summit

Best Ambassadors Conference of the Year

Mexico MFA

Best Virtual Event of the Year

Reinventing Public Diplomacy Through Games

Best Event Emojis of the Year

Rio Olympics

Best Bilateral Event of the Year

Strengthening South Korea-U.S. Relations through Digital Public Diplomacy